Writing Consulting

I provide extraordinary support for writers at all stages of the academic lifecycle: coursework, thesis production and defense, publication, tenure bids.

My work with clients takes place at the intersection of mentoring, instruction, and editing.

I work with the texts and contexts of academic lives.

I work with clients who want conceptual, stylistic, and organizational feedback.

I work with clients who are struggling to navigate academic culture, often because they are under-represented, returning, neurodiverse, or first generation.

I work with clients who are stuck or struggling in their work process.

I work with clients who are juggling multiple projects: dissertation, job searches, work, teaching, parenting, and more.

I work with clients who want external accountability.

I work with clients who are motivated to read, write, and conduct research more effectively.

I look forward to working with you.

To learn more or inquire about services click here.

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