Faculty Workshops

“The myth that faculty aren’t interested in improving their advising skills was amply disproven by the robust turn out at Dr. Tauber’s workshop on thesis advising at Reed College’s Center for Teaching and Learning. Her insightful and engaging presentation gave faculty new tools to work successfully with a wide range of students and generated demand for further discussion of this critical aspect of faculty work and student success.”
Dr. Kathryn Oleson, Director
Center for Teaching and Learning, Reed College

“Dr. Tauber’s talk on effective ways to work with graduate student writers was warmly received by the faculty at URI. In particular, faculty appreciated that her work, while grounded in research, also offers practical, hands-on strategies that they can use and adapt. Dr. Tauber is clearly adept at helping faculty from many disciplines become more articulate spokespersons for the writing expectations of their fields. Above all, she thinks from a win-win perspective about how to help both faculty and students make the thesis process less frustrating and time consuming. The skills that Dr. Tauber talks about have the potential to impact graduate completion and satisfaction.”
Dr. Nasser Zawia, Graduate Dean,
University of Rhode Island

Advising for Thesis and Dissertation Success Workshop Evalutions

 “Although we all advise theses, no one teaches us how to do that. It is useful to hear how others have solved similar problems. No one person has all the answers.”

“This workshop would benefit thesis advisors no matter how little or how much thesis advising experience they have.”

“This was one of the best, most helpful workshops I’ve attended.”

“[It] would help [to have] Daveena available throughout the year to consult with thesis advisors or thesis advisor-student pairs on any issues that seem difficult or important.”

Ideal Contexts for Faculty Development Workshops

  • Centers for Teaching and Learning
  • Faculty orientation
  • Graduate student success programming
  • Graduate studies or graduate school programming for faculty

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