Your Literature Review. Lit.

The literature on literature reviews is unusually unanimous: across disciplines faculty find that graduate students’ literature reviews generally, well, suck.

Why is this? I have a few theories. The most important is that we learn genres largely by reading, and at the point when we sit down to write a literature review, many of us have read exactly 0 of them.

The other reason is that most of us have had few opportunities to practice the skills of synthesis and evaluation demanded by the lit review.

Without deeply ingrained experience of reading and writing this complex genre, our attempts at reviewing the literature often look like we dropped an annotated bibliography into a trash compactor and called it good.

But lists of summaries doth not a lit review make.

I am creating a course on literature reviews that will radically revise your understanding of how to write a literature review.

Writing Remarkable Literature Reviews will:

Guide you to generate synthesis through questions and exercises.

Help you understand how to express synthesis and evaluation rhetorically.

Make your reading process so productive that you don’t have to reread everything constantly.

Offer strategies for organizing and “attacking” your literature review.

The course is still in production, but I promise to let you know when it’s ready.

Sign up to be notified. You’ll also get a Lit Review Start-Up Inventory so that you can start working immediately.

Yes, please let me know when this course is ready.

Photo credit: WOCinTechChat. Flickr creative commons.



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